Sujung KIM

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Education Policy, Organization & Leadership. I have completed my fieldwork and am writing my dissertation. My project examines how international students negotiate their racial and class locations in the United States. I focus this study on South Koreans, the largest international student group in the community college system in 2012, and I examine in particular their complicated relationship with immigrant Korean Americans. Moreover, as community colleges and their personnel voluntarily or involuntarily engage in the implementation of the dominant discourse of globalism, I also examine how community colleges affect Korean international students’ ways of belonging to the institution and to the nation-state. My research interests include internationalization of American higher education, multiculturalism in the context of globalization, transnational mobility of youths, citizenship, racism, and postcolonial subjectivities in the contemporary political-economic and cultural contexts. I also enjoy playing and working with sunlight, rain, wind, soil, and small worms in my small vegetable garden.