Alex Jong-Seok Lee

I am a doctoral student in anthropology. I completed my undergraduate degree in ethnic studies at the University of California at San Diego. Formative experiences in college that pushed me towards an anthropological approach include a long-term stint as a staff writer and editor for the university’s official newspaper and an ethnographic research project on the experiences of two diverse communities of Filipina/o domestic workers in Rome, Italy. After graduating, I continued to follow my interests in activism, research, and migration in Los Angeles, CA as a labor union organizer/researcher, and later in Seoul, South Korea as an English teacher, freelance reporter, and international NGO worker. My dissertation focuses on the classed, gendered, and transnational experiences of South Korean migrants, chiefly young female flight attendants, working and living in the United Arab Emirates city-state of Dubai. During 2014-2015, I am conducting multi-sited fieldwork in Seoul and Dubai. Upon completing my Ph.D., I am interested in securing a position as a professor or applying my anthropological knowledge to other public spheres, such as non-profit work, education, or the government.