Authored Books

Melodrama of Mobility book cover
The Melodrama of Mobility

The Melodrama of Mobility (Korean)
Blue Dreams book cover
Blue Dreams
The Intimate Univeresity book cover
The Intimate University:
College, Segregation,
and the Korean American Family
Echoes of the Past book cover
Echoes of the Past, Epics of Dissent

In progress

Making Family Work: How Korean American Teens and Parents Navigate Immigrant America

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Edited Volumes

South Korean Golden Age Melodrama book cover
South Korean Golden Age Melodrama

Edited by Kathleen McHugh
and Nancy Abelmann
No Alternative? book cover
No Alternative?:
Experiments in South Korean Education

Edited by Nancy Abelmann,
Jung-Ah Choi, So Jin Park

In press

South Korea’s Educational Exodus: The Life and Challenges of Study Abroad icon-link
Edited by Sumie Okazaki, Adrienne Lo, Soo-Ah Kwon, & Nancy Abelmann

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