Recent articles and book chapters (2004-)

Educational mobility and migration

Abelmann, Nancy, Kim, Sujung & Kim, Dohye. The Illusive Public and Private Education: How to Understand South Korean Shadow Education. In progress

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Internationalization of the U.S. undergraduate student body

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Comparative educational mobility

Abelmann, Nancy, Youngling, Elizabeth, Kim, Dohye, Komaki, Ryuta & Mirza, Vincent. Lost Youth Futures and the Crisis of Social Reproduction: Comparative Notes on Media-takes in Japan, South Korea and the United States. In Progress.

Abelmann, Nancy, Park, Hyunjoon & Park, Chunwoong. Neoconservative vs. Neoliberal Social Mobility Regimes: A Comparative Study of Decreasing Japanese and Increasing Korean Study Abroad Students. Submitted to Journal of Studies in International Education

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Class, social mobility, and social justice/distribution

Abelmann, Nancy & Kim, Dohye. Class Differences in a Relationship with Discrepancy between Women’s Educational Achievement and Labor Participation in South Korea. In Progress.

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Pedagogy, student research, and archives

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